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Fleet Management


The provision of fleet management services mainly cover Corporate organisations outsourcing their land transportation requirements through a process of provision of vehicles by Wonder Wheels LTD to the different categories of employees, pool vehicles, field /site operations, marketing mobility, staff buses and status vehicles ranges from Managers to the Director level for a contractual period and at an agreed fixed monthly fees.

The services which broadly clarified into two (2) as follows;

  • Full Operating leasing entails options of Wonder Wheels to supply of brand new vehicles of choice or out of existing preferred model or make of vehicle with option of provision of drivers or self-drive which exclusively cover; repairs & maintenance, Insurance, licensing /renewals, track devices and fuelling as an option.
  • Maintenance leasing involves outsourcing of Client owned fleet (either brand new vehicles or existing ones) to Wonder Wheels that covers; repairs and maintenance, installation and maintaining tracking device, licensing and renewals with options of self-drive, Wonder Wheels supplies drivers and fuelling as an option.

The risk of ownership, such as providing for huge capital layout in purchasing vehicles, maintenance and re-sale also remain with Wonder Wheels. The re- sale of the vehicles to staff or employees of at the end of the lease can be agreed by both parties.


  1. The full Maintenance leasing will be an “off – balance sheet financing to the client, the monthly rental can be considered as an operating expense.
  2. Client will only pay a fixed cost for the duration of the lease; this will directly have a positive effect on the cash flow position of the organisation
  3. The full operating leasing will eliminate charging of depreciation against the lease vehicles hence, this will improve the company’s assets and gearing ratios.
  4. The outsourcing options (full operating lease or maintenance leasing) will allow the company to focus on its core function while efficiency will be driven by the outsourcing company from a scale advantage.
  5. A monthly management reports from Wonder Wheels fleet services provides accurate fleet efficiency information.


  • Robust and well advanced technologies that drive the client’s choice in both outsourcing options
  • Stringent chauffeurs employment policy and processes
  • Commitment to highest standard of Safety, Security and Health of its business stake holders which includes but not limited to employees and clients.
  • Placing premium on employees training and development.
  • Provision of replacement vehicles at no extra cost when vehicle is undergoing any kind of repairs or at down time.
  • Wide spread of Locations in diff States in Nigeria.
  • Synergy and strong partnership with accredited auto garages at diff locations.
  • Service options flexibility that is tailored to client needs/requirements.
  • Management team comprising of multi-skilled professionals with diverse experience.


Email: sales@wonderwheelsng.com | ceo@wonderwheelsng.com

Phone number: 08182222639. 08074492420; 012913112.

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